“You Don’t Deserved Igede Best Rapper-Drizy to Soul Soul. Promise to unleash on him

The #ISADA 2019 dust seems not to have settled yet even as we anticipate the 3rd edition of the prestigious award

Miss feelings never seized to exist after prominent award events like that of ISADA.

With Ogah Neeks announcing the release of a new song he titled “CLARIFICATIONS“, the #LOCKDOWN, #STAY AT HOME period is really a time to show up what you gat to all hard working artistes and producers in the industry.

Remember when the Igede veteran singer @BEFELOW UK asked:

What have you done to be nominated as BEST PRODUCERS? I guess this is to clarify him that Igede born producers are trying their very best to in all ramifications to put Igede on the world map.

Now the BIG BREAKING!!…😲😲😲

From the past 🔍, do you also remember when KENYSTAINZ took to his social media to say that ROBIN CINO does not deserves to win the NEXT RATED artiste of the year in their CATEGORY few days after the awards night? Mmmmm! 🤔🤔🤔

….And now….👇

Drizy, an underground talented Igede rapper full of energy has promised to really flip the scripts in other to completely go in on Soul Soul the ISADA 2019 BEST RAPPER winner 🏆

According to him…👇

“Bros Soul Soul cannot even face my little boy at home so i am going to send him a message. Let me unleash on that guy”


Truth be told,,,,,you see, when you’re one arguably the hottest name in the entertainment world, you’re bound to get many stones thrown at you. But we know the ISADA 2019 Best Rapper can put this little upcoming dude in his place. ISADA materials are all good and not kpalango results. 💪💪

Reactions have been pouring in to the organizers since his winning so now we sincerely hope that Soul Soul will brushed off all his enemies with one track just to prove himself as the undisputed champion 🏆🏆🏆.

Now for those that don’t know or have heard about DRIZY,,,,, He’s the that dude that makes BOBBY STRINGS song “IYA” a true hit which is all over Igede land as we speak. You can Google search the song for confirmation.


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