REVEALED!: Jealous wife admits suffocating maid to death, hangs her to give illusion of suicide…over suspicion of sleeping with hubby


By Robert AKPANSenior Investigation Reporter, Labgos.

FACTS has emerged that a Lagos housewife who suffocated her housemaid to death and hanged her to give an impression of suicide committed the heinous act over suspicion that her maid was sleeping with her husband. Mrs. Nene Steve and her randy husband had on Wednesday this week, gone to Bariga Police State to report that their maid Joy Adole Aboel committed suicide after being scolded to have stolen a packet of Indomie noodle. But when Police detectives arrived their N018 Ogundola Street, Bariga, Lagos, they discovered that the deceased may not have committed suicide as claimed following the discovery of marks of bruises on her body and the fact that her legs were on the floor even though a rope was hanging precariously to her heck from a ceiling fan. The couple were therefore, detained while the matter was reported to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department SCIID Panti Yaba for further investigation. CrimeWorldscooped that in the meantime, the husband had been granted bail at the Bariga Division but was re-invited to the station after detectives from the Homicide section of SCIID arrived to take over the case file on the ground that he knows more than what he had told the Police at the Divisional level.

But our investigator who nosed around the SCIID Thursday, revealed that the killer housewife had somersaulted from her earlier stance that she only beat her for allegedly stealing Indomie noodle admitting that she had it on a good authority that the deceased was sleeping with her husband; hence the beating. She however, pleaded that she didn’t mean to kill her. She further confessed that her salaries were being paid regularly since she joined her January this year to the agent that brought her.

*The corpse of Joy Aboel hanging from a ceiling fan while her legs are on the floor…
Narrating the circumstance surrounding the sudden and gruesome murder of Aboel, Philips Ejeh, the elder brother hinted that they were indigenes of Benue State saying Aboel was brought to Lagos through an agent for domestic work so she could save some money to further her education. According to him, “We are indigenes of Benue State and my late sister was brought to Lagos through an agent. She started working with her madam as a maid in January this year. She reported that her boss refused to pay her and anytime she asked for her salary, she would start beating her. She was making an attempt to leave the place, but due to the lockdown, there was no choice for her than to stay behind. But on Sunday, her boss said she caught her while stealing one Indomie noodle and this led to a serious beating before her master hang her to death. But the madam claimed she hang herself after having beaten her. How can someone hang herself and her legs will be on the ground? My sister engaged herself for the job so that she can be able to further her education. Now her madam has killed her maybe because she doesn’t want to pay her salary. As I’m talking to you now, the case has been reported to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, while the Police have deposited her body in the mortuary for autopsy.”
Police public relations officer DSP Bala Elkana who confirmed the incident said it was Steve and her husband who came to Bariga Police Station to report that their house girl had committed suicide; stressing that when detectives however, visited the place and saw the position of the rope with which Aboel allegedly hanged herself, and her position, they suspected a foul play. This according to him was in addition to the fact that she had injuries all over her body, adding that this was an indication she may have been tortured to death and not that she committed suicide. According to the Police image-maker, “Police moved on with their investigation and found a lot of signs of violence on her body, that she has been tortured before she put the rope on her neck. If it were to be ordinary suicide, how come wound and signs of beating are all over her body? We have deposited her remains at the mortuary for autopsy to ascertain the true cause of her death. The homicide section of SCIID has taken over the matter for diligent investigation after which the couple would be charge to court.”



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